What's Hot

250g Clamshell
Suitable for 15 punnets per box. Ideal for Strawberries and Cherry Tomatoes
Apple Punnet Galaxy 8
Apple/Stonefruit 1kg punnet suitable for flow-wrapping applications. 
250g Flat Punnet
Ideal for Fresh strawberries, Tomato Truss and other Fresh Produce
Punnet 500g
Ideal for fresh Strawberries, produce or general food items
500g Clamshell
Hinged clamshell fits 8 per Mod 9 Crate
Punnet 1kg
Ideal for all sorts of fresh produce such as strawberries, cherries, mushrooms

What We Do

We manufacture an extensive range of plastic packaging: Bakery, Meat, Seafood and Poultry Trays as well as Containers suitable for fresh produce. The full range with associated photographs and specifications can be searched in the members area.